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have a care how you speak.

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This is my Hannukah present to my gorgeous wife, Megan!  She told me she really wanted a picture of Nurse Loki being 1000% done with her frequent patient, Thor, and through the magic of Marty, it now exists.  Megan will be a nurse herself, soon; she’s been working so hard for so long.  I love you so much, B, and I am SO PROUD of you.  You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, even if I sometimes cause you to make the Lady Loki face.

Also marty-mc is awesome and you should give her your money at every opportunity.  You won’t be disappointed!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Yes a little fic I wrote to go with your drawing.  Please enjoy this silly fluffiness.

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complementary colors - a loki-centric thorki mix [listen]

i. you’re gonna go far kid - the offspring // ii. broken crown - mumford and sons // iii. daniel in the den - bastille // iv. drumming song - florence + the machine // v. just one yesterday (feat. foxes) - fall out boy // vi. no light no light - florence + the machine // vii. if i had a heart - fever ray // viii. monster - paramore // ix. the devil within - digital daggers // x. i hate everything about you - three days grace 

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Loki and Thor from Norse mythology, body pillow commission for captainjakecoulson!

All body pillows are currently on sale in my store for $50, including this one!

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Body pillow commissions are open! (and on sale for $80 until the 15th of December)

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Have you taken a friend to see the Dark world with you and they left the cinema thinking that there is something between Thor and Loki and you want to drag them deeper into the pit with some good stories? Or perhaps you yourself are new to this whole fanfiction thing and/or ship? I’ve decided to make a collection of fics that I personally feel 1) highlight the beauty of the ship 2) capture its essence 3) introduce you to the ship in an easy-going way.

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"I was being sincere!"

"You are incapable of sincerity."

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